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In this walk-through tutorial, we will show step-by-step on how to upload a variable product to Branabee.

Make sure to sign in to BRANABEE.COM, and that you are registered as a seller.

You must be logged in and registered as a seller to continue. Trouble?

What is a variable product? If you were asking how to upload a variable product to Branabee, then you might also be wondering what a variable product is. It is a product that varies in some way. It comes in different shapes, sizes, or colors for instance. If you have a store, chances are you have items that vary in color or size. After this tutorial you’ll be a pro!

How to Upload a variable Product to Branabee

In this example, we will use a hat named ‘Branabee Hat” that comes in different colors. Red, Blue, Green, and Pink.

Our product is variable. This is the red hat example
Our product is variable. This is the blue hat example
Our product is variable. This is the green hat example
Our product is variable. This is the pink hat example

Navigate to the Seller Dashboard (located in at the top of the page in the hamburger icon).

The hamburger icon is located in the to right of the page on the Branabee main header across the entire site. Visit your Dashboard in order to being uploading your variable products

On your Seller Dashboard to the left, click ‘Products’.

Navigate to your Branabee seller dashboard and click 'Products' to begin uploading your variable item.

Next, on the top right of your dashboard area click ‘Add New Product‘. It will open up a new screen.

IN order to begin uploading a product to Branabee, we need to click 'Add New Product'

Here you can edit what are considered the “parent product” details. Much like a parent and a child, the parent holds the overall product qualities. However, we do not have “child product” details. In this instance, we’ll consider those to be the variations of our product (the colors of our hat. Red, Blue, Green, and Pink).

You can search for similar products to sell in our marketplace. For now, we will skip this.

this is where we edit the variable product's name and other details for it to appear in our Branabee store.

Enter a ‘Product Name’.

Enter a Price for your item.

Discounted Price – The price you set for an item you wish to go “On Sale”. You can set a Date range for this sale to occur. Click ‘Schedule‘. Next, Choose your date range.

You can schedule a sale for your variable product in Branabee easily.

Enter in a “short description” for your item. It will appear under the Product Title for customers. You can elaborate into further detail in what we call the ‘long description” section later.

Let’s add an Image. Click ‘Upload Product Image’ to add a main photo. A window will appear. Make sure your under the “Upload Files” tab. Click ‘Select Files’ to browse your computer for your photo.

We need to upload the main photo for our variable product that will appear in our Branabee store.
to upload our variable product to Branabee, we will need to first click the Upload tab, and click 'Select files'

After adding the main photo, click the + icon to add more photos.

This is the area to which we will upload our variable product photos to our store in Branabee.

Pro Tip: Click and hold the SHIFT key to select multiple photos in the Media Library.

this is our media library. We'll find our product variations here and assign them to our product for our store on Branabee.

Click the blue button at the bottom right of the open popup: ‘Add to gallery’

the products shown are the variations -  our hat colors.
We can see our main product photo, as well as the rest of our photos that will appear for our customers.

We need to assign the product to a Category so people can find our item easily. Click the ‘Category‘ dropdown. A window should appear. You can see all of the categories available. Note: If you do not see the proper Category for your product, please submit a support Ticket to us. We will review, approve or deny the category, and make it available to you.

In order to assign your variable product a category in Branabee, you will need to click the dropdown menu to choose
This is a categorical list for you to choose for your new variable product listing on Branabee

Now we add Tags. Add words that relate to the product. This will help the item get found in the product search on BRANABEE as well as search engines. You can type in any word here.

You can search and add tags for your new variable product on Branabee.
You may notice the system searches for previously created tags for ease of use.

Under Tags, you’ll find the Description box. This is the Long Description for the parent product. You should elaborate on your item in great detail here. Remember – this is a variable product. Ask yourself what all of the variations have in common. In our example, all of our hats are made by the same manufacturer and have the same weight and dimension. They are all the same size. We’ll describe all of these commonalities here. Their differences will be defined later.

this is the long description for the parent (or overall) product, describing details shared by all variations. for our hat example, they are all the same brand, weight, and dimension.

Once completed, take a quick glance over your settings. At the bottom right, Click ‘Create Product‘.

In order to save your new variable product on Branabee, click 'Create Product'

You will be taken to the next page where you have many more settings.

You can edit the product URL by clicking ‘Edit‘ to the right.

You can edit the URL for your variable product on Branabaee by clicking 'Edit'

Under “Product Type“, click the drop-down, and choose ‘Variable Product‘ – More on other product types later.

Review the settings below for Short Description and Long Description. You can give the product more categories here, or add tags and edit the descriptions. Or skip if you are ready.

an overview of the settings for the product you've created in your store on Branabee.

Inventory – wait on this. For items that vary we will add stock quantities later.

This is the inventory section for the parent product. This typically is not applicable to variable products.
This ‘Inventory’ section is meant for the parent product, not your variations. We will skip this step.

If you want, you can only allow one unit of your product to be purchased per order. This option might be best for other product types.

Geolocation – Where is your product located? Click ‘Same as store’ if it is with your other items

This is the SKU for the parent product. We don't want to enable any stock management for the parent product. If you only want one to be purchased per order you can select to only allow one.

Add-Ons – You can create custom add-ons for items. Say we have a Red Hat. We can add a way for customers to upload a logo that we will place on their hat for an up-charge or for free. Click ‘Add Field‘. In the “Type” drop-down, notice the options. We’ll choose ‘File Upload‘ for this. Make sure to give your Add -On a title. We’ll call this one “Company Logo.” Check ‘Add Description‘ to give them a popup box explaining a bit more the details of your Add On. Your settings should look like this (in this case). We’ll expand on Add-Ons in another tutorial.

Product Add Ons are a creative way to boost revenue on Branabee. We'll create a way for companies to upload a file of their logo for a custom hat.

Next, you can check ‘Required Field‘ if you’d like to force the customer to choose an option before checkout.

Adjust Price – Set the value of your Add On. We select a flat fee of $10.00.

You can create more add-ons that apply to All Products, or certain categories. If you only want one of the add ons you’ve just created only for this product to apply, check ‘Exclude add-ons to hide others that may apply to THIS item. It is not applicable here.

Move on to SEO. Enter in a focus Keyword to help search engines find you.

we want search endings to find our variable product on Branabee. use keywords to aid your effort

Shipping and Tax – For our hat example they vary by color, but they are all approximately the same weight and size. Therefore we enter in an amount here.

Shipping Class – We have set up an easy shipment calculation upon checkout for the customer for items that are smaller than a typical pallet. If your item is less than 150 pounds, or less than 48″ x 48″ x 48″ then select ‘No Shipping Class.’ If it is equal to or greater, set it to ‘LTL Freight‘. Customers can request a shipping quote from you for LTL Freight items.

Tax Status – Almost all physical, tangible item is taxable. If you have one that is exempt from taxes, please contact us. Click ‘Taxable‘.

Tax Class – Select ‘Standard‘.

If your item is a shippable product, enter in the correct weight and measurements. the variable product in our example weighs and measures the same throughout

Linked ProductsUpsells and Cross-Sells: You can search for other products in your list to add here. The customer will be offered these products when viewing one of your products. Upsells are higher quality, more expensive, or ones you might recommend. Cross-Sells are related products. For instance, customers who buy our hat might want other accessories like a belt or shoes that match.

While this is not neccessary to create a variable product, it is helpful in increasing overall sales in your shop in Branabee.
Search for another one of your products. Properly setting the right items increase sale volume.

Product Attribute and Variation – We must define the attribute(s) by which our product varies, and then assign those variations to the product. Under the ‘Name‘ drop down Click ‘Custom Attributes‘. You might notice other attributes here. You can add your own or choose an existing. Click ‘Add Attribute‘.

in order to create a variable product on Branabee, we must create attributes.

In this example our hats vary by color. Therefore, under the ‘Name‘ text box, we will define our Attribute “Color” and list the values at which they vary: Red, Blue, Green, and Pink.

Make sure to click ‘Visible on the Product Page‘ and ‘Used for Variations‘ for them to show up as options for the customer.

When creating variable products on Branabee, make sure to tell the system how your product varies and that you wish to use them in a list for the customer to pick from.
Note: You can add multiple attributes. If our hats varied by color and size, we could allow our customers to choose a “Red Large” or a “Green Medium” hat, etc. For this, repeat adding Attributes. You may have up to 50 variations in the end.

Click ‘Save Attributes‘.

Now we must create a list of variations for this product, and enter their details. Click the ‘add variation‘ drop-down. Choose ‘Create variations from all attributes‘ and then click ‘Go‘.

After creating your product attributes, you need to create variations from all of these attributes so that they are assigned and show up on your product page when saved.

Click ‘OK‘ on the popup window.

This is a notice warning you that your product variations will be created for each and every possible combination you've entered in.

It will pop up another window telling you how many variations were added. click ‘OK‘.

this photo shows 4 product variations have been uploaded to your product list in your Branabee store.

You’ll notice a new list of your variations. On the right, click the drop-down arrow. You’ll see more options appear.

Here is a list of product variations you have created. On Branabee you are allowed up to 50 per run.
Click the dropdown on the right to reveal settings for each variation.

Add a photo for this variation. Add more information for the product like the SKU. Disregard the ‘Downloadable‘ and the ‘Virtual‘ checkbox when you have tangible products. More on Downloadable and Virtual products later.

If you would like the system to track inventory as sales occur, check ‘Manage Stock‘. We have 10 hats and want to make sure they don’t go on back order.

Set a Regular Price for the Item, and add a Sale Price if it is on sale. Schedule the sale if necessary.

Input your stock quantity next, and tell the system if you are okay with taking back orders. We will not in this instance.

If your variation is different in weight or dimensions, make sure to enter that here, or you risk charging too much or too little for shipping.

Shipping class and tax class should stay the same as the parent product (as set previously).

You can input a short description for the specific variation here. We’ll describe our Red Hat.

Wholesale Price – You can enable wholesale pricing for individual variations.

This is the individual variable for your product(s). The settings you edit here will show up on the product page in the Branabee store when saved.

Repeat this for each variation.

Once completed, review and click ‘Save Variations.’

Your variable product can be sold wholesale on Branabee.
You can set a percentage discount for those who buy in bulk.

RMA Options – You have the capability to override your default Return terms (set during your store setup) for this product. You are responsible to define new item specific terms clearly for the customer. More on Store Terms & Conditions later.

override your variable product's return terms on Branabee.

Other Options

  • Product Status: set to ‘Online‘.
  • Visibility: choose from Visible, Catalog, Search, or Hidden. We want our product to be ‘Visible‘ and not show up only on these other options or hidden.

Purchase Note – You can add a note for the customer to receive after checking out.

Click ‘Enable Product Reviews‘ (if applicable).

Once a customer purchases sthe item the purchase note you input here will show up in their order email.

Advertise Product – You can advertise your product on Branabee’s home page and other areas. More on product advertisement later.

you can advertise your products

Click ‘Save Product

You should be taken to a new page, with a green notification about a successful save. Click ‘View Product

After editing, we click 'View Product' to see how it appears

Ensure the options you’ve created are available to the customer.

The Add to cart, chat now, and request support from seller options are available. The customer has a way to upload their logo, and our Color options are shown. We are good to go!

You’ve now learned how to upload a variable product to Branabee.

For more videos on how to use Branabee, visit our YouTube channel!

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Thanks for reading How to Upload a Variable Product to Branabee.


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