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This article is meant to inform users on Branabee’s stance on product authenticity.

Prohibited Items

Any illegal or explicit products or content is prohibited on Branabee.

Verification and Validation Process

Branabee does not directly verify or validate items for sale on the marketplace. While we actively monitor and enforce our policies, we rely on the community to flag or report products and sellers to appropriately handle arising issues.

Reporting Suspected Counterfeits

To report an issue with a product (or seller), simply visit the product’s page and locate the ‘Report Abuse‘ button below the product’s image.

Consequences of Selling Counterfeits

Sellers are responsible to ensure products are legitimate and legal for sale. If you are caught selling counterfeit or fake items, you will be subject to a permanent ban, loss of account funds, and/or legal action on top of being reported to law enforcement.

Buyer Protection and Refunds

In the case of Buyers getting counterfeit items, we may withhold funds in the seller’s accounts and refund the customer’s money. You can read more on how Branabee protects customers here.

Education and Awareness

Counterfeit and fraudulent products can undermine trust and harm both buyers and sellers on the marketplace. To prevent such issues, we encourage users to stay informed about product authenticity and take proactive steps to ensure a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.

  1. Know the signs – Familiarize yourself with the signs of counterfeit products. These signs may include unusually low prices, misspelled product titles, poor quality, or suspicious packaging.
  2. Check Ratings and Reviews – Make sure to look at the seller’s reviews and feedback from other buyers before purchasing. Positive feedback on a seller can mean they are reliable.
  3. Authenticate High Value Items – For higher priced or luxury items, you may consider using a verification service, or request authentication from the seller.
  4. Report Suspicious Items – If you come across any suspicious or counterfeit items, please feel free to report them to our support team. Your vigilance helps us maintain the integrity of the marketplace.
  5. Verify Intellectual Property Rights – As a seller you should verify that you have the rights to sell the items on our platform.
  6. Educate Yourself – Stay up-to-date with product authenticity best practices. We will provide resources and articles to help you make informed decisions while buying or selling.

Shared Responsibility

Remember, creating a reliable and authentic marketplace is a shared responsibility. By working together, we can build a strong and reliable community that benefits everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our support team.

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