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There are several reasons why it might be a good idea to sell items that you have laying around on your online store. For one, selling items that you no longer need or use can be a great way to de-clutter your space and free up some extra room. Additionally, selling or liquidating these items can be a way to earn some extra money, which can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as paying off debts or saving for a big purchase. Furthermore, by selling items on your online store, you can potentially reach a wider audience and attract more customers, which can be beneficial for your business as a whole. In this short tutorial we will show you how to add a simple product to Branabee.

What is a simple product?

A simple product is a type of product that typically has a single variant and does not have any additional options or customization available. Simple products are typically used for items that are sold as is, without the need for any additional configuration or customization. For our example, we’ll add a 2″ 150 Raised Face Blind Flange, since we have a shop currently that sells pipe fittings. Have a product that varies by size, color, condition, or other factors? Check out our other tutorial : How to add a Variable Product to Branabee.

To add a simple product to your product list from their Seller Dashboard in Branabee, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on Branabee, then navigate to the Seller Dashboard.
where to Log In to Branabee

New user? Click here and Register

This shows the popup to log in to Branabee, and where to Register as a user

2. Click on the “Products” tab in the left menu.

To add a simple product to Branabee, we begin by navigating to the 'Products' tab

3. Click on the “Add Product” button on the right side of the screen

As we walk through how to add a simple product to Branabee, you'll have to follow along carefully. click 'Add New Product' to begin creating.

4. Enter the product’s name, description and other relevant details in the form that appears

  • Name – Enter in a name for the product. Be sure to think about how it will appear to a customer. Name it clearly and as simply as possible.
  • Image – click the “+” Icon to add photos of your item.
  • Price & Discounted Price – Input a Price for your product. Discounted price is the “on sale” price if you want to place it on clearance. You can custom schedule when this sale will occur.
  • Short Description – Type a short description for the product. It will show up below the product’s title when the customer views it. It should be no longer than a sentence or two.
  • Category – Give your product a category. Select the closest category from the list of options we’ve set up. Don’t see one that fits? Let us know and we’ll add it.
  • You can add more categories for your item. Properly categorizing items will help the customer find your product.
  • Tags – another great way for customers to find your item is by using tags. Describe a few characteristics of this item. It doesn’t have to be unique, it just needs to fit the description. You can use synonyms here as well if it might help someone find your item. Use multiple.
  • Description – input a Description for your product here. This box is meant for a longer more in depth breakdown. Add links to the manufacturer with any detailed info about the product. the more information, the more likely the customer will feel comfortable choosing your shop. Here’s an example of what a product could look like when creating it.
This image depicts an overview of the simple product that was added to Branabee.

Click “Create & Add New

Your item is listed in your store! However, there are many more settings yet. click the product name in the success message. Or you can go to the Products Tab, then hover over the new item. Choose ‘Edit’.

This shows where to click to view your newly created simple product.
This is one way to quickly go to the next steps of creating your product.
by hovering where this arrow points, new options will appear for you to click.
Hover over the product, and you will see a few options here. Click ‘Edit’
this shows the options available to you upon clicking 'Edit'

You will be taken to the ‘Edit Product’ page where you can really customize your item. Notice there many more settings.

  • Permalink: this is the link to your product, which is optimized to your product’s title. But you can edit if you like.
  • Product Type: Here you can update the product type from Simple to something else. This is not needed in this case.
  • Downloadable and Virtual Checkboxes – These options are more rare in most stores, but are important to have. Downloadable Simple Products give customers a way to download a file upon their purchase. Think tickets, or files. Virtual Simple Products are intangible. Think online course, or informational video. Customers will find their purchased items in the ‘My Account’ section after checkout.
  • You’ve selected Price, Discounted Price, Category, Tags, Short Description, and Long Description in the previous steps. Let’s move on.
  • Inventory – Here you can enter in your SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for your item. You can also let your store track your inventory as it sells. This is great for inventory management! Branabee will notify you when your inventory gets low (you set the Low Stock Threshold), and you get to choose if you’d like your item to go on backorder. You can also choose if you only want to allow a single quantity of your item to be purchased in each order (rare). In our example it appears like this:
Edit item details like Stock quantity, and set thresholds.
We have no SKU number for our item, but we do have 25 of them. We’d like to be notified that our items is low in stock by the time we have 5 left, so we can make/order more. We don’t check the box at the bottom because we encourage customers to order multiple.

Geolocation – If this item is located in the same area as your store, leave this checked. However if it is not, please add the location of the item by unchecking the box, and entering in the address.

This image shows an example of a map found on Branabee for users to know where their product is coming from.

Product Add Ons – This is a great option in many cases. Add value to your offer by giving customers a way to customize their order. Give the option to gift wrap the item or include extra features for a premium. You can get creative with this. In our case, we’ll throw in a option to get the bolts with the flange they order, and give them the choice of bolt size for a flat fee. You can even require that they choose the option, and add a description to the offer in case you need to further elaborate. Here’s what that setup look like on the back end:

This depicts add ons for your simple product on Branabee.
You can also set these add ons up, then Export them to a file which you can later Import to other items to save you time later.

You will see how these options appear to the customer at the end of this tutorial.

SEO – Edit the Search Engine Optimization for your product. This is typically set optimally by Branabee to begin with. You may skip this step. However if you’d like to get more technical, you can. For those that don’t know what this means; You can alter how your product appears when shown in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. By default, we have it set to [Title] [Separator] [Sitename] which just means it will appear as you see in the photo below. However, you can click the dropdown on the right and choose to set that up differently. You can also edit the slug, the meta description (which is just the description that appears when searched) and the focus keyword. Here’s an example:

Here you can edit your SEO settings.

Shipping and Tax – You must set up shipping and tax for each product you sell on Branabee. You’ll need to weigh the item, and measure it. Our units of measurement are pounds (lbs) and Inches. For this example, we said our flange was 5lbs heavy, and measured 8″ x 8″ x 1″ (Note: you may want to determine how big your item is in a box for these dimensions. We take these numbers and calculate how much the customer pays for shipping). Please be as accurate as possible to avoid over or under charging the customer.

Shipping class – you should leave this selected as “No shipping class” (which calculates shipping automatically) unless:

  • Your item weighs over 150lbs.
  • Your item’s dimensions when packaged is greater than 4ft x4ft x 4ft. (or 48″ x 48″ x 48″)

For items greater than either or both of these two factors, click the drop down menu and select “LTL Freight“. Customers will need to get a shipping quote from you before purchasing. More on that later.

Input product details such as shipping and taxability here.

Linked Products – After you’ve created and edited a few products, you’ll want to add Upsells and Cross-Sells (If this is your first product, you may skip this step). Upsells and Cross sells are a short list of products that you’d like to appear for the customer on the product page below, like an advertisement. Typically, upsells are similar items that cost more. Cross-sells are products that typically go hand in hand with the item you are offering, or are very similar. For our case with the flange:

A good real life example of an upsell would be to have a blind flange that is similar in every aspect except that it was made in the USA. Therefore it would be more valuable. We would then add it under Upsells.

An example of a cross-sell in our case would be to show the bolts or nuts that go with this flange, or maybe other fittings that are similar. You’ll want to put your mind in the customer’s shoes when you add these to your product listings.

Dictate which products are upsold and cross-sold here.

Attributes – When customers visit Branabee’s main shop, they will filter their search results by Attributes, such as size, material, condition and more. This is where you make your products filterable when customers search. Click the dropdown menu and select an attribute. Next, click “ADD ATTRIBUTE“. Our flange is new. So we will click “CONDITION“.

Create attributes for products to easily be found in search filters on Branabee's main shop page.

Value – Ask yourself, “what is the condition of my product?” Ours is new. That’s what we will put under value. hit ‘Enter’ or add a comma in this box for multiple values.

Note: You can give your products your own attributes by clicking “ADD ATTRIBUTE” before selecting the dropdown menu for your own purposes. However, creating a new attribute will not appear for the customer in filtering. Branabee determines the proper hierarchy of product attributes, and will set them accordingly. If you are noticing that we do not have the proper attributes for your item(s), please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Discount Options – You have the option to give customers to receive what some may call a “bulk discount” where if they buy a certain quantity, they receive a discount on their total purchase. See below.

Add a bulk discount for high volume customers.
We have it set so that if the customer purchases 10 flanges, they’ll get 20% off their entire order.

RMA Options – Returned Merchandise Authorization – When creating your store you will have to create and save a standard Return Policy that your products will fall under. However, sometimes you’ll need to further specify details, or even sell used items as-is. This section gives you the ability to do that on the product level. It will appear below the product image when the customer views the product page. Here is what it looks like from the Seller Dashboard.

Override your stores Return policy to the product level.
Make sure to adhere to Branabee’s Seller Guidelines to avoid being out of compliance. More on that later

Wholesale Options – On Branabee, some customers can sign up as wholesale customers. This price will appear for those users instead of the regular price if you choose to wholesale your product(s). You can set a minimum quantity before that price kicks in.

show wholesale customers their own custom price.

Other Options –

  • Product Status – Choose whether you want your product visible to the public by choosing “Online“. If you aren’t ready to go live just yet, choose “Draft“. You or your shop members can still view and edit the product.
  • Visibility – You can choose how your product will show across Branabee. Setting it to “Visible” is the most common, where it is visible across all areas. “Catalog” is showing up only on the shop’s main page. The customer can type in the product URL to find it as well. “Search” will enable to product to only be found in the search option or via URL. “Hidden” will hide the product from any listing area on Branabee, but will still be able to be found via typing in the direct URL.
some final settings before you finish how to add a simple product to branabee

Purchase Note – This will appear in an email after the customer goes through the checkout process. Use this area to include details on shipments, helpful links, future offer coupon codes, thank you notes, and more.

Enable Product Reviews – By selecting this option, you enable a customer to review your products after purchasing. Branabee makes sure that these reviews are from logged in users who have purchased the product. Reviews are powerful. This helps with consumer trust.

Advertise Product – Branabee offers a way for you to purchase product advertising. Currently, we have 7 day time slots for $20.00. This will come out of your account during the regular cycle. We will continue to optimize and improve ads across our platform.

You can advertise on branabee.

Click “Save Product” to finish editing. You’re done!

After publishing the product, it will be available for customers to view and purchase on your online store. You can view and manage your products from the “Products” tab in your Seller Dashboard.

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